Fighting 4U Team

Proven Leaders Focused on Meeting the Needs of Our Members



John L. Marcotte in Action

Time For Change

The current administration is not serving the needs of the membership.

That led to a large group of dedicated national officers to take the unprecidented step of refusing to run with the incumbent president.

They then joined with an elite group of local leaders to create the FIGHTING 4U TEAM.

A team dedicated to ending the politics and division within our union, stop concessionary bargaining, better enforce our contract with the USPS and never forgetting we work for you.

In Your Corner


What is the most important issue facing the APWU today?

The USPS short staffing in its facilities

The USPS having to prefund retiree healthcare

The slowing down of the mail and poor customer service

Outdated equipment and vehicles

Bad management

Declining first class mail volume

The APWU Membership is NOT FOR SALE!

APWU members deserve transparency, safe
working conditions, job security, meaningful
wage increases, comprehensive benefits,
dignity and respect.

We will work together it protect your rights and fight to achieve a truly fair and decent contract.





Taking Action, Getting Results-The Fighting 4U Team


The choice is clear.

Using proven leadership, experience and commitment to the membership, the Fighting 4U Team will work for you.

For more details watch  the video below: